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November 27, 2017

My Business Experience :- By Adebayo Philip. CEO Real Exploits Concepts

My Business Experience is a program organised on Kimpact Business School (KBS) WhatsApp page where entrepreneurs share their business experiences, for other entrepreneurs to learn and use them to solve their pressing challenges.  Read below the unedited discussion with Adebayo Philip. CEO Real Exploits Concepts.

I am Philip Adebayo O. I am a trained Marketer, an Entrepreneur, a Brand Consultant, and a Business Development Expert. During my training, I have come to understand some things that have been helpful to me as a practice:

  1. Managers are not paid to work, but they are only paid to think and take decisions, so for me, it is a great deal.
  2. The Business you don’t market will not sell….in fact; any product that is well packaged is half- sold.
  3. Business doesn’t operate in a vacuum but in an environment and there are only two: Internal and External.
  4. Certainly, there are processes of buying which anchors on our character, behaviour, habit, attitude and relationship.
  5. More so, I have developed a model for Entrepreneurs called 7C’s of Entrepreneur
    1. Concept (Idea)
    2. Capacity
    3. Capital.
    4. Character
    5. Commitment
    6. Creativity and
    7. Competency

But in all of these that I move with daily, please permit me to state here categorically that”Challenges are wrapping of opportunities”. Today, I Print, Market, Brand ,Publish, Train and Consult with a lot of positive experiences as well as minimal negative issues.

Negative Issues:
Printing is not for boys, in fact, I see it as a business that is simple, requires common sense but highly technical.
Nigerians are wonderful people … A great number believes it is good to owe or do everything on credit. In recent times, I found out that Nigerians budget for things without finding out the cost first, meaning “budget on assumption” and therefore, when you give them a cost, they say it is costly or your things are VERY EXPENSIVE.

Many want good things but not ready to pay for such services.


Recently, I worked with a colleague (elderly) for 11days on a project but when it was time to pay, the man said “what are friends for?”

This hit me hard! 11days of rigorous task, the man refused to pay!

Claiming, God gave me the gift to help others solve problems, why am I merchandising it?

Then it dawned on me, that every contract is an agreement but not every agreement is a contract.

Again, one certain day, I helped a man to develop a proposal to print Exercise Books for a State (Borno), I designed it, got the sample printed and the man submitted it.

God was so kind to us, it was approved but to my greatest surprise, the man said Philip, I don’t know you! Hmmm, project of 6m as of year 2003.Thank God I am alive today.



Our business is for everybody but not everybody can afford it!

November 30th, 2010 I was given a cheque of 3.5m to print and later in the evening I got a call from a brother of the client, saying Philip you must not pay-in that cheque, simply because he wanted the job to be given to another person so as to have a share in the profit.

I prayed all night and travelled the next day to see the client to show him samples of my job.

Kbsites, he was convinced!

He said, please go ahead.

I did the job and it was a major step. Good print of course.

Well, do your job in an excellent way, excellent people will come for it, and pay you excellently.


Do your job anyhow, anyhow people will come to you and pay you anyhow money!

Thank you.

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